Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Shaded Confidence

I am happy to report there has been some progress across sooner land since the last time I observed the Oval!

Today I saw smiling faces, and observant eyes... Well, kind of. I have decided to attribute the confidence boost across the campus to the magical appearance of the sun today. If I were reporting on fashion, I would say the array of sunglasses were more than impressive.

With shades on, more than half of the travelers let their eyes wonder the campus and look at their peers with friendly faces. I guess we all have our security blankets, and apparently sooners think much like celebrities: if they can't see my eyes they will never know it is me.

Even though I think the shades move is a little shady, I will take it! Congratulations OU, I'm so proud of you!

Moving onto further business... I have made three other significant observations about what I saw today.

1. I saw dozens of people talking today, laughing with their friends, saying hello, etc. The interesting part about this is that, only pairs of two could walk and talk at the same time!

If there were two people talking, they were more than happy to leisurely walk along side their friend, continuing their discussion.

However, groups of three or more had to stop to talk in semicircles. I saw one group of boys to attempt a threesome walking group... Let's just say it wasn't very successful, they were tripping and running into people... It was madness! However, I must encourage them for their efforts.

I don't know if this is a coordination problem, or just common social etiquette... Why is this? What makes people instinctively do this I wonder?

2. The double bag phenomenon... Girls this goes out to you! Almost every girl I saw today had a backpack over her shoulders, a purse across her arm, and everything that should be stowed away in those storage containers in her hands!

Now I understand girls, I have done the very same thing a time or two...but watching it today made me wonder why?

Do we really need our keys and phone ready in our hand outside Bizzell Library (where there isn't parking for at least a quarter mile in any direction)? Why can't we consolidate all of our belongings into one huge bag instead of carrying two HUGE bags and putting half of the things in them?

Something to think about...

3. Skate Boarding:

- First comes a question, that I do not have an answer to, neither does any other person in the Oval from what I noticed. Should people on skate boards use the bike lane? Most skaters rolled right on top of the line, unsure of where to be, weaving back and forth, in and out of designated areas. This is something I feel should be indicated, I don't know why... but people seemed confused when a skater just brushed by them with an inch of their life.

-There is most definitely a "cool" way of riding on your skate board and a "not cool" way. The "cool" way of skating would be to roll by, no sense of urgency, however with speed. However, the "not cool" way would most definitely be to push of the ground at almost a running speed with a look of terror on your face. These transportation devices, are not ones of extreme speed, perhaps you should consider a bike. People were frightened by your face and your lack of coordination. Sorry, just keep practicing... at home, as to keep from killing anyone.

Shout Outs!

My favorite camo shorts wearing guy (you weren't wearing camo again today, but it's OK) was back and friendly looking as ever! Keep it up, Buddy!

The fratty group of three trying to walk and talk at the same time. Bravo!!!!! Your efforts were relentless and entertaining!

To the girls pretending to be pack mules! We have all been there, it's OK, but give your little arms some rest!


  1. This is pretty interesting Colbi, keep up the good work! Makes me want to sit and observe the South Oval passersby.

  2. i love girls and they totally do carry two bags!!!! OMG!!! You are the smartest most observant gal in the WORLD!!!!!!!!