Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Constitution Day

Happy Constitution Day!

It is Constitution Day, which has been one of the highlights of my time in the Oval today. The Honors Students something or other was passing out personal U.S. Constitutions, which I thought was pretty awesome! I know mine will come in handy.

However, I don't know if it is the weather or the onset of midterms that makes everyone look like they have just been reading the Constitution. (Excluding Political Science/History majors of course) It seems as though everyone on campus has a case of the Thursday blues.

The pace of campus is rather slow. Where normally I see people walk by as speedy as possible, today people seem to be in no particular hurry. Everyone walking at their own leisurely place, and dark circles under their eyes.

I think most people couldn't even make it out of bed to come to class today, because the campus seems barren. All of those that can make it to the oval seem exhausted and ready for a break.

The weather has been cause for a few amusing incidents though! I enjoy watching the people in flip flops glide by me on their heels every other step, hoping for traction, and praying no one sees how silly they look. They all look like figure skaters on concrete.

I must say that I appreciate today's fashion sense, though. Normally, rainy days are handled by most in a fashionable way... Girls sport their rain boots, their sorority jacket that swishes when they walk, and their Nike shorts. Boys are a little more versatile, they get to choose between their Sperries or their Tom's shoes, sporting either jeans or cargo shorts, and a T-shirt/Polo, and a baseball cap. However, today no seems to care. The rain boots are on, as are the Sperries, but they are paired with messy pony tails and sweat pants.

It is oddly refreshing to see people physically resemble how they are feeling. They walk tired, act tired, look tired, and dress tired. It is understandable why everyone isn't a socialite today.

It's like if you were walking in the Oval and someone went to say hi to you and you brushed them off, giving them a look that says "Refer to the outfit." and they would know and think to themselves, "Oh, she can't talk today... she is wearing sweat pants."

The image is a disclaimer of sorts for your attitude, I can appreciate that.

Shout Outs:

To the guys legitimately sporting the Landry Jones creeper stash: Power To You! I Love it!!! I laughed multiple times when spotting someone walking by me with a little caterpillar on their lip!

To the gardner who has been gently carving the bushes for the last two hours! Thanks for keeping OU beautiful.

Last but Not Least! The people who made it out of bed to go to class today! Yay! You made it!

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