Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hello Ovalians!!!!

The fabulous sun must have embedded its endorphins into the sooner nation this week. Within seconds I was amused with what I saw.

As I turned the corner around Dale I saw a swarm of people, all laughing and having fun with each other. A boy carrying a lacrosse stick, teasing the girl in front of him at the crosswalk. Suddenly two boys dodge the group of people on their skateboards, just whizzing by.

Then, only about five paces into the Oval, a girl begins to approach on my left. She was just nonchalantly walking with a Dasani bottle balanced perfectly on her head. A boy and girl follow not far behind her whispering and staring with amazement and confusion. I, myself, couldn't help but take bets in my mind as to when it would fall. I had to turn around and watch as she passed me without a hint of embarrassment on her face.

Then as I turned forward to see what was next I saw a group of people filming a video. The camera man, obviously a student, trying to prepare himself for the shot. A girl hiding herself from the sun with the large white reflector, that kept catching the wind. Two guys were to be the stars of this video, as it seemed, they both looked nervous and apprehensive as the scene was being prepared for.

I wanted to continue watching this, especially after last week's photo antics. However I got distracted by a pair of legs just beyond the gardens. I saw this pair of legs pop up and down, and it wasn't until I got closer that I noticed the person attached to them. It was a young man, that appears to be homeless, with his shirt off.

As for the homeless man. I know this is weird to say, but I was happy to see him here. I have seen him around for about a week, just wondering campus. It makes me a little happy that someone could find a home, maybe not a house, but a home here. He didn't seem sad, he was just going on with his day. Chatting with people.

People seemed to crave the outdoors today. I saw several professors who had decided to move their classrooms outdoors. I sat by one class as the teacher paced back and forth passionately declaring what a "work of art" is.

I saw two or three student photographers today. Each running around, like in a race, to capture the moment. A brick in the wall, a flower in the garden, lounging students.

I fell back in love with OU today. I don't know if it the autumn colors on the trees, the 70 degree weather, or everyone's smiling faces. Campus fulfilled my expectations of what life as a college student should be. I don't think I was alone either.

I couldn't even find a bench to sit at, everyone was taken with students. People admiring what they saw.

I watched the professors scattered across the grassy areas, each seeming more excited than the next. Today they truly cared, and you could see it in their faces. What's more, you could see it on the faces of the students. They believed what they were hearing, and soaked in each word. You could see that they were captivated.

I saw a girl dipping her toes in the fountain, unaware of the people watching. We shed our confidence problem today. The wonderful thing about this is that you could see how much happier each person was. They dared people to notice them, to listen in.

Shout Outs!
*To the guys who check out girls and completely turn around to watch them walk by. I think it is funny, and really appreciate it.
-Girls, you need to start noticing this. You never do. You all just keep walking and talking to your friends without even realizing.

*The people who decided to dedicate their afternoon to observation and stole all of the benches. I will forgive you for stealing my seat, only because I was happy to see you.

*To the stray pair of shoes that sat beside me. I don't know whose they were, but yay for taking your shoes off!

*******Actually, to all of OU today! Thank you for being awesome!*******

--I know I'm lame, and way too happy to write a blog. However, I DARE you to spend ten minutes out there and not feel completely sublime.

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